Reason why one should hire a professional solar installer in Perth

When installing a solar panel getting professional help in Perth is important to get the right panel for your home. reasons why one should hire a professional:

There are a variety of solar electric systems available on the market today and different sizes.

Therefore, hiring a professional in Perth will go a long way in making sure you get the right panel and get it perfectly installed. By looking into you monthly electrical needs, he will determine the panel type for you. Moreover, a professional will know the proper place for installation for it to get the good sun exposure.

The Perth solar installers efficiently connect all the components of the inverter and all other important parts through electrical wiring. This can also be dangerous as electrical wiring involves highly specialized connection terminals that only a professional can handle. A professional is equipped with the skills and experience to handle things properly when it comes to voltage preventing fire hazards or shocks.

There are some reasons why one should get services of a professional and getting the project done in time is one of the most obvious ones. Installation can be quite difficult as one has to work with electricity, lift heavy objects and some other risky tasks have to be done. Getting professional help will not only ensure you safety but also efficiency and that usually gets ensured by using the latest SMA inverters:

Another important reason to hire a professional is to avoid damages. There is a high possibility of one damaging the roof of the module itself while installing. The solar module is quite fragile and a small drop can ruing everything. Professional can go a long way in making these kinds of things don’t occur.

If you are seriously looking to reduce your utility bills, then installation of solar panels is the way to go and the best possible solution. Hiring professionals is an excellent option that results in the safe and secure procedure, giving you all the peace of mind.

Building a new playground in the garden – a complete guide

our son in the playground

Play should be at the heart of every child’s lives and their experiences throughout childhood. Every child should enjoy healthy balance of play, be it structured or unstructured, in their childhood.

Children enjoy playing outdoors, however, their safety is a major concern for the parents. Parents prefer opportunities for their child to play safely close to the house. They, thus want a variety of places for their child to play and prefer to be involved in the development of safe as well as exciting places.

Guide to building a new playground in the garden

Playing space needs to be of a high quality and good design to attract children and parents to become a valued part of the environment. Good design is a therefore, good investment. However, safety is a major issue for parents and children, which is often a barrier to encouraging outdoor play. A playing space should be designed such that it helps children play safely and encourages the parents to let their children play outside.

A good playground plan provides maximum play value and security for the kids, while limiting the risks. One should keep in mind the following points while designing a successful playground:

  • Well located
  • Use of natural elements
  • Provide wide range of play experiences
  • Accessible for both disabled and non-disabled children
  • Meeting community needs
  • Opportunities for children of different ages to play together
  • Sustainable
  • Safe and risk free

Planning your playground

One needs to establish the objectives and focus on the details of planning a playground design process. Assess the need before starting, with the following points in mind:

  • Site Analysis
  • Overall budget
  • Number of children
  • Age distribution of children
  • Size and budget of area
  • Specific equipment and playing requirements
  • Approvals required and number of phases of construction


A guide for planning a playground should thus, be intended to support good practice in development and improvement of playing area. Places where children play are not just for children and young people, but can also serve as important social places for parents, care takers and wider community.

5 Things my father taught me about construction

My father has been in the construction industry for a very longtime. I have always wanted to continue in the same industry. I learnt some invaluable things from him. Some of the 5 Things my dad taught me about construction when I started out are:

Quality not quantity should be a priority

My father taught me that I needed to build a reputation for quality if I wanted to generate good word of mouth and grow my business or career. Being consistent and reliable with my work would get me more repeat business and new clients in the long-run.

Bid high, work hard and prove myself

He taught me to position myself as the best option, not the cheapest. He advised me not to bid so low that I won’t be able to complete the work to a level of quality that I could feel proud of. He continued that I would get more repeat work and build winning relationships if I had reputation for being on-budget and on-time.

Good relationships, good work, honesty, and transparency would pay the bills

This lesson is quite similar to the first. Everybody wants to work with someone they trust. If I build a reputation for quality work and honesty and I would do well.

Never overlook safety; it is paramount

Every year there are lots of accidents that happen in construction sites. He told me to always know the correct safety procedures for each piece of equipment I am operating and follow the work site safety policies.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

One of the most fundamental things I learnt from my dad is that no one knows everything about equipment so I should be afraid to ask questions. What I learn today will help me succeed in the future.

As I work and progress in this industry the 5 Things my dad taught me about construction have brought me this far and made me a better worker. These lessons have helped me get more experience and I am confident I can undertake any construction project and deliver the best.